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The Maharani of Nepal

The Maharani of Nepal and her ladies-in-waiting, Nepal (1885-1894)

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Shona people.jpg

Shona People

They are a tribe part of Bantu and a very powerful tribe

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Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Actually Existed…

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Tesla transmitter.jpg

Tesla transmitter

Tesla sitting near his transmitter in Colorado Springs…

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Itter Castle.jpg

Itter Castle

The strangest battle of the Second World War

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Vin Mariani.jpg

Vin Mariani

Vin Mariani was a mixture of wine and cocaine

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Napoleon war with rabbits.jpg

Napoleon war with rabbits

History tells us that Napoleon’s most upsetting defeat came at Waterloo. Or it may have occurred eight years earlier, after the French emperor was attacked by a relentless horde of rabbits.

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Marie Antoinette.jpg

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette's last words - "Pardon me, sir. I meant not to do it."

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Hitler's bunker (Führerbunker)

One of the first photos that was taken inside of Hitler's bunker…

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Eiffel Tower.jpg

Eiffel Tower

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Jardins des Tuileries, in Paris…

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Will Purvis Murder Trial.jpg

Will Purvis Murder Trial

Will Purvis told the jury he would "live longer than the lot of them."

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Egyptians Pets

Egyptians kept many animals as pets

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Saigon Execution

After Nguyen Ngoc Loan raised his sidearm and shot Vietcong operative Nguyen Van Lem in the head…

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Uncle Sam Conscience Fund.jpg

Uncle Sam Conscience Fund

The American government had a "Conscience Fund"

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animals on trial.jpg

Animals on Trial

Strange justice: the animals who went on trial in the Middle Ages

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The Pig War.jpg

The Pig War

The most curious conflict between Canada and the United States

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Battle of Los Angeles.jpg

Battle of Los Angeles

The False Alarm That Left LA In Chaos…

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Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote of a great civilization called Atlantis

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Zeppelin Citta di Jesi.jpg

Zeppelin Citta di Jesi

Last mission of the Italian air ship "Citta di Jesi"

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand Car.jpg

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Car

The number plate of the car carrying Franz Ferdinand when he was shot bears a strange coincidence to the end of the Great War.

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Elmira Civil War Prison Camp.jpg

Elmira Civil War Prison Camp

When Hell Was in Elmira

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The steamboat Sultana

The steamboat Sultana was a Mississippi River paddlewheeler, destroyed in an explosion on 27 April, 1865…

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Last Public Execution

The United States has a long history of so-called "legal" public executions. The last one was carried out in Owensboro, Kentucky, in 1936…

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Nevada Tests.jpg

Nevada Tests

From 1951 to 1992 the U.S. ran almost 1,000 atomic bomb tests in a test site in the Nevada Desert

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King Henry VI.jpg

King Henry VI

King Henry VI suffered from a ‘sleeping sickness’ that remains mysterious to this day…

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Adolf Hitlers half-nephew.jpg

Adolf Hitler’s half-nephew

William Hitler served in the US Navy during World War II

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Hippo cart.jpg

March 1924: Hippo cart

After considerable coaching at the hands of an animal trainer, “Lotus,” a circus hippopotamus…

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Balloon Corps.jpg

Balloon Corps

Civil War Ballooning

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Wounded Knee Massacre.jpg

Wounded Knee Massacre

The slaughter of approximately 150–300 Lakota Indians by United States Army troops

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most successful pirate in history.jpg

Most Successful Pirate in History

The world’s most successful pirate in history was a lady

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Bathing Machine

Bathing Machines, at the beach…

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The Sausage Ban.jpg

The Sausage Ban

Germans were banned from eating sausages during WWI

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The Chemists War.jpg

The Chemist’s War

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences

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Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

This gory plane crash has all the trappings of your worst nightmare, save for the miraculous ending…

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Japanese-Canadian internment.jpg

Japanese-Canadian internment

Remembering one of Canada's darkest hours

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Railway from Sea to Sea.jpg

A Railway from Sea to Sea

A Railway from Sea to Sea - British Columbia joined Canada in 1871 after Ottawa promised to build a railway to the West Coast.

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Tybee Bomb.jpg

Tybee Bomb

For 60 Years, Nuclear Bomb Lost in Watery Grave

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Monkey Trial.jpg

Monkey Trial

Scopes Monkey Trial: Science on the Stand

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Typhoid Mary.jpg

Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon and the history of typhoid fever

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Old Photography.jpg

Old Photography

This is one of the, if not the, oldest known photograph of…

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German U-boats.jpg

German U-boats

Only one out of every four men serving on U-boats survived

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Tunguska Explosion.jpg

Tunguska Explosion

On June 30, 1908, an explosion that was equal to more than 2,000 atomic bombs…

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The capital city, Ottawa, was originally named Bytown…

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Cat Burning.jpg

Cat Burning

Ritualistic Cat Torture Was Once a Form of Town Fun

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The Pastry War.jpg

The Pastry War

The First French Intervention in Mexico

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Antonio Gramsci Trial.jpg

Antonio Gramsci Trial

"We must stop this brain from working for 20 years…"

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Torontos Disastrous First Hanging.jpg

Toronto's Disastrous First Hanging

A gruesome history of capital punishment in Toronto

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Roman Dodecahedra.jpg

Roman Dodecahedra

Mysterious Roman Dodecahedrons

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Korean War.jpg

Korean War

The U.S. dropped more ordnance on Korea than in the entire Pacific during WWII

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Green Army.jpg

Green Army

Green armies fought against both the Bolsheviks and the White Army

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It’s known as the most epic and complex mission of World War II. In January, 1945…

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The Confederate Giant.jpg

The Confederate Giant

Remembering the Tallest Man in the American Civil War

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A Japanese Death Ray.jpg

A Japanese death ray

Japan’s top-secret weapon inspired by Tesla’s “Death Ray”

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Queen of the Mist.jpg

Queen of the Mist

The Forgotten Heroine of Niagara

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Japanese Eugenic Sterilization.jpg

Japanese Eugenic Sterilization

Forced sterilization during post-war era in Japan

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The Cadaver Synod.jpg

The Cadaver Synod

Pope Stephen VI dug up his predecessor's corpse and put it on trial.

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James Forten.jpg

James Forten

Born to a poor family of American sailmakers, James Forten volunteered to join the fight for independence when he was just 14

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Greece Independence Fight.jpg

Greece Independence Fight

Here's the bullets, don't touch the columns

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Five Men at Atomic Ground Zero.jpg

Five Men at Atomic Ground Zero

This bizarre and tragic bit of nuclear history happened 59 years ago today

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Chinese Militia

Chinese militia armed with clubs and shields stand ready for battle in 1860 during the Second Opium War against Britain and France…

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Madison Washington.jpg

Madison Washington

American slave revolt leader

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William Carney.jpg

William Carney

The first black soldier to earn the Medal of Honor

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Gino Bartali.jpg

Gino Bartali

The cyclist who saved Jews in wartime Italy

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Claudette Colvin.jpg

Claudette Colvin

Before there was Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin

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Baby Cage

Baby Cage in the 1930s…

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Roman timekeeping.jpg

Roman Timekeeping

Very few Roman hours lasted an hour

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George Washington.jpg

George Washington

George Washington Never Had Wooden Teeth…

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German Coast Slave Uprising.jpg

German Coast Slave Uprising

America’s Largest Slave Revolt

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominees.jpg

Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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The history of fratricide in the Ottoman Empire

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Mustache Cups.jpg

Mustache Cups

Moustache Cups were invented in the mid 1800’s…

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Knocker Uppers.jpg

Knocker Uppers

Waking up the workers in industrial Britain

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The King Who Hated Coffee.jpg

The King Who Hated Coffee

Gustav III of Sweden's coffee experiment

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Stephen Bantu Biko.jpg

Stephen Bantu Biko

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed

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Tsarists Russia convicts

The exiles and convicts of Tsarists Russia, 1885

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He preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors

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Romulus and Remus

According to Roman mythology, the story of these twin brothers tells of the origins of Rome.

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Boston marathon.jpg

Boston marathon

Get the hell ot of my race and give me those numbers…

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Duke of Wellington.jpg

Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington sent some of his best soldiers to defend Canada in 1814

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Alexander the Great Cities.jpg

Alexander the Great Cities

He named more than 70 cities after himself—and one after his horse

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Bride Auctions.jpg

Bride Auctions

The Babylonian Marriage Market…

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Paris Massacre.jpg

Paris Massacre

When the Seine was full of bodies…

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Vice President that owned his wife.jpg

Vice President that owned his wife

The former U.S. vice president Johnson County is named after held slaves, married and fathered children with enslaved woman

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Aircraft Detection.jpg

Aircraft Detection

How incoming enemy aircraft were detected before the invention of radar…

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Battle of Bamber Bridge.jpg

Battle of Bamber Bridge

White soldiers declared war on their Black counterparts in an ugly incident from WWII

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Poena cullei.jpg

Poena cullei

The bizarre ancient Roman punishment reserved for parricide

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American Civil War Child Soldiers.jpg

American Civil War Child Soldiers

Children Fought in the US Civil War by the Hundreds of Thousand

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Kiddo the Cat.jpg

Kiddo the Cat

Kiddo’s failed trip across the Atlantic

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Jonestown Massacre.jpg

Jonestown Massacre

Perhaps one of the most disturbing events in modern history, the Jonestown Massacre was…

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