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History Photos And Stories

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Car.jpg

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Car

The number plate of the car carrying Franz Ferdinand when he was shot bears a strange coincidence to the end of the Great War.

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Tunguska Explosion.jpg

Tunguska Explosion

On June 30, 1908, an explosion that was equal to more than 2,000 atomic bombs…

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A Japanese Death Ray.jpg

A Japanese death ray

Japan’s top-secret weapon inspired by Tesla’s “Death Ray”

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Japanese Eugenic Sterilization.jpg

Japanese Eugenic Sterilization

Forced sterilization during post-war era in Japan

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Cat Burning.jpg

Cat Burning

Ritualistic Cat Torture Was Once a Form of Town Fun

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Duke of Wellington.jpg

Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington sent some of his best soldiers to defend Canada in 1814

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