Zeppelin Citta di Jesi

Zeppelin Citta di Jesi

Last mission of the Italian air ship "Citta di Jesi"

August 1915 - Last mission of the Italian air ship "Citta di Jesi" - airship Città di Jesi (commander, Lieutenant Bruno Brivonesi) with five crewmen, who took off from Ferrara in the late evening of the 4 for an attack at the base of Pola, arrived on the target around midnight and was discovered by photoelectrics and made a sign to heavy anti-aircraft reaction. Once the bombs were dropped, the airship attempted to return to the return route, but the damage caused by the opposing reaction soon took place: after having lost altitude, it hit the sea surface near Musil while the crew was taken prisoner by the torpedo boat 79 T immediately joined together with other units that tows the casing inside a small inlet. The crew will subsequently be locked up in the Mathausen prison camp.

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Zeppelin Citta di Jesi |

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Last mission of the Italian air ship "Citta di Jesi" |
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