William the Lion

William the Lion

"Now we shall see which of us are good knights!"

William "The Lion" was a grandson of King David I and came to the throne after the death of his elder brother, Malcolm IV in 1165. The nickname "The Lion" was accorded to him after his death and may have been due either to his valour and strength in battle (though he was not always successful) or, more likely, to the heraldic symbol which he adopted - the red lion rampant on a yellow background - which has remained a royal symbol to this day. King William was notable for his headstrong character, and he personally charged into the battle leading his troops while allegedly shouting: “Now we shall see which of us are good knights!”. King William “The Lion” was reportedly powerfully built and redheaded. However, during this battle, he was knocked off his horse and captured by the English.

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"Now we shall see which of us are good knights!" |

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