Mustache Cups

Mustache Cups

Moustache Cups were invented in the mid 1800’s…

Moustache Cups were invented in the mid 1800’s by an English potter named Harvey Adams. In those Victorian times, most men had impressive moustaches, and many men waxed or even dyed their moustaches to keep them groomed and curled and looking fabulous. And of course, they drank tea. So, what happened was wax would melt, and dye would run and gentlemen would get embarrassed. So, Mr. Adams created a “moustache guard”, a moustache-shaped ledge that went across the cup, with an opening in the middle to sip the tea through. This allowed the gentleman to drink his tea and keep his moustachioed upper lip dry. It goes without saying that this item became very popular, and eventually made its way from England and Europe all the way to America.

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Moustache Cups were invented in the mid 1800’s… |
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